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East Point Foundry

Since 1948

“Handcrafted Plaques Since 1948”

-Scott Livingston, CEO, East Point Foundry

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East Point Foundry is proud to have partnered with both private sector (civilian) and public sector (government) agencies, honoring achievements and accolades by institutions and individuals. We view our projects as unique and a chance to honor those who have given so much to the causes they are passionate about. Since 1948 our foundry has operated 100% in America, creating thousands of masterpieces for local, national governments and Fortune 500 businesses to small mom and pop stores.

We love a challenge! With over 70 years experience, we’ve seen it all. Whether you want a traditional bronze plaque, nameplate, lettering, home maker, sculpting, casting, or a complex, custom project, East Point Foundry will let you know if the scope of work is possible, practical and clearly communicate with you to achieve the perfect end result.

East Point Foundry pricing is affordable because we handle a large majority of projects, 100% in-house. As one of the few standing Foundries, we do not rely on costly middle-men. Businesses rely on systems for efficiencies; we’ve had since 1948 to reach this point, and we are very organized, diligent and responsive. Our clients often commend us for a timely process, from initial phone call, or email, to finished product shipped directly to your door or place of business. Price varies based on scope of work and your requirements, which is why we offer a free, no hassle quote. We are not interested in doing “cheap” work, but the right work. Fair pricing, and super high-end products is what East Point Foundry, proudly made in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) has made us a favorite by institutions and individuals who demand quality craftsmanship.

East Point Foundry has an enormous body of work since its inception. We are always happy to give references to similar projects so you can rest assured knowing your work of art is polished, professional and amazing just as you envision it. In fact, most of our business is repeat, and word of mouth because we know our works of art are the best form of marketing and advertising because you can’t fake a great finished Bronze Plaque or product.

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