Bronze Sign Lettering

First impressions create the most potent perception. Whether classified as corporate, private, or residential, the facade of your property, headquarter, or location creates a lasting vibe and impression. One of the best ways to make a statement right from your front door is by having neat and classic bronze lettering for your signage.

Bronze sign lettering is a classic and traditional way of displaying a building’s name or an establishment’s or property’s location. Other than the historic look and vintage feel of bronze, the significant benefit when used in lettering and signage is that it is impenetrable to corrosion, rotting, and rusting. In other words, once your bronze sign lettering is installed, it can last forever.

East Point Foundry creates handcraft-rich, high-quality cast bronze plaques and lettering for building signs, corporate facilities, residential properties, and private and non-profit organizations’ signages. We can transform the most basic signage and letterings into an image that speaks volumes about who you are and what you do. We offer durable lettering in cast metal, acrylic, and injection-molded plastic in various colors and fonts.

The Aesthetic of Bronze Sign Lettering

Due to its basic usability, bronze is known to be a craftsman’s best friend. For starters, there is a natural beauty to the precious metal, and the rich tone gives off a more rustic look or an elegant high-end look that highly relies on the artisan’s expertise. Additionally, while most metals such as nickel or silver give a bright, cool color hue, bronze’s natural color gives off a warm, rich sepia, inviting tone.

Historically, bronze has always been a favored material in the sign-making industry. Most grand and historical heritage structures that withstood time have bronze lettering on their signs. When selecting signage materials for banks, museums, theaters, and other classic edifices, bronze letterings are the most preferred choice of many architects.

Bronze Casting For Sign Lettering

Bronze casting methods have been used for centuries by foundries all over the world to create objects in bronze. Its versatility and simplicity, when used in the process, make bronze the most in-demand metal to use for casting sculptures and plaques. When casting bronze for your sign lettering, the material expands just before it cools down, bringing even the tiniest details to life. It also shrinks as it sets, detaching the finished cast from the mold much more manageable but with a more polished finish.

Since bronze is copper-based, it has a much lower melting point than most metals. Aside from sculptures, plaques, and signages, bronze is also an excellent material for casting musical instruments, weapons, medals, industrial parts, and more! Thanks to its corrosion-resistant properties, it can make materials stand the test of time.

Why Is Bronze Sign Lettering In Demand?

Long-lasting. A cast bronze signage for your company or property that is well installed and maintained will remain untarnished even without much upkeep for long periods.

Superior. Bronze signs’ custom lettering gives quality and class, telling that the brand or property is important enough to be perceived with the industry’s most superior metal, bronze.

Valuable. The famous and historical landmark and hall of fame revel in bronze plaques and signages as a form of exuding honor and appreciating value represented by bronze’s class, quality, and visual appeal.

Get Your Exceptional Bronze Sign Lettering From East Point Foundry

Create an enticing and appealing impression for your brand, company, institution, or residential property through East Point Foundry’s Bronze Sign Lettering work! Our highly skilled craftsmen assemble our cast bronze letters from solid bronze bars using letterform molds perfect for your signages.

We take pride in our elegant, permanent architectural tribute, donor recognition, or facility identification, which comes in all custom sizes, font styles, and designs. We custom-made each piece to ensure all our products are of the highest quality. Contact us today to discuss your lettering or signage requirements and learn more about our customization capabilities and other services and offerings.

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Bronze Sign Lettering

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