Superior Plaque Manufacturer

East Point Foundry has been handcrafting solid cast bronze and aluminum plaques for decades for identification purposes and to commemorate people, events, and places. Each plaque that we produce is custom-designed, carefully constructed, and inspected for quality. From initial design to shipping, each commission is produced in-house using the traditional sand casting method.

We are able to offer a wide variety of design options including customizable borders, textures, colors, texts, and sizes. Whether simple or detailed, historical or contemporary, East Point Foundry can create the plaque to meet your needs.

Custom Bronze Plaques

East Point Foundry specializes in offering custom cast bronze for a traditional-looking plaque. As an alloy of tin and copper, bronze is harder and stronger than most materials manufacturers use for making plaques, which results in an end product with superior durability. Not only are bronze plaques affordable and lightweight, but they are also an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality product. Despite its strength, bronze is malleable, which allows our team to craft plaques with fine details.

Many times heavy foot traffic can cause plaques made from soft metals to degrade. However, bronze maintains its form even under constant wear. This metal is also resistant to weather conditions and corrosion, making bronze plaques safe to use in locations where moisture is present. Not to mention, bronze’s antimicrobial properties ward off moss and mold, minimizing maintenance while still having an added aesthetic appeal.

Custom Aluminum Plaques

We offer a variety of custom cast aluminum plaque options at East Point Foundry. Among the numerous benefits of using aluminum for plaques is that this material is a more lightweight and affordable metal compared to bronze. Although aluminum is softer than bronze, it is still durable and holds up to environmental conditions.

The natural silver color of aluminum makes it an ideal material from an aesthetic point of view. Aluminum plaques have a sleek and clean modern appearance. There are various font, color, and texture choices available for greater customization options.

Bronze and Aluminum Plaque Applications

These materials withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions well, and so they are optimal for a diverse range of plaque applications, including:

  • Address plaques
  • Neighborhood entrance plaques
  • Private residence plaques
  • Historic building plaques
  • School plaques
  • Church plaques
  • Headstone and cemetery plaques
  • Outdoor memorial plaques
  • Commemorative plaques
  • Nameplates

Award-Winning Custom Design at East Point Foundry

Trusted by the United States Army, we handcrafted this signature piece: Sustain, Support, Defend. Whether you provide East Point Foundry with exact, specific dimensions or a big-picture idea, we will meet and exceed the challenge and expectations.

Since 1948, our bronze plaques have stood the test of time, honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service. Whether a fallen hero, a cause, a special person, or a government achievement, East Point Foundry stands ready to create a timeless masterpiece.

If you have something or someone you would like to commemorate, there is no better way to do so than with a customized plaque. We hope that you will allow us the privilege of working with you to create precisely what you need for remembering or honoring your subject. Contact us today to find out more about our customization capabilities for our plaque, casting, sculpture, and lettering services.