Good casting design and manufacturing is all about knowing all the components and processes involved to get to the final desired product. Whether replicating an antique or historical piece of art or creating a new custom design piece, East Point Foundry’s in-house experts and artisans can help establish your product’s or object’s physical and aesthetic requirements to turn your idea into a sophisticated masterpiece.
Some various styles and techniques create high-quality metal castings for your most precious ornaments and craft pieces. The design’s intricacies and the vision for the desired finished product help determine the kind of metal to use for casting. Other factors, such as how the metal behaves in liquid, solid, and cooling states, will dictate mold requirements.

Bronze and Aluminum Plaques

East Point Foundry creates cast bronze, and cast aluminum plaques at our studio and each plaque is custom-made to your preferences and needs.
Bronze and Aluminum plaques are the most popular ornamental choices, and they are used indoors and outdoors for both traditional and unique purposes. With our years of expertise in the craft, we highly recommend bronze and aluminum plaques for different occasions for their premium look and durability.

Benefits of Cast Bronze Plaques:

  • Durability and strength
  • Classic, traditional look
  • Ability to hold fine detail
  • Rich luster and chemical patina
  • Wall and in-ground installation

Benefits of Cast Aluminum:

  • Lightweight metal
  • Contemporary, silver coloring
  • Budget-friendly
  • Blends well on colored backgrounds
  • Wall-only installation

Cast Bronze Plaques

Cast bronze plaques are known for their exceptional durability and strength. It is a higher quality metal option, most commonly used for traditional ornaments and historical projects. Since it is an alloy predominantly made of copper and tin, it holds up well against even the harshest weather conditions. It is finished with a clear lacquer for extra protection.

With its warm, rich sepia tone, cast bronze plaques have a distinct luster that will immediately give your ornament a look of class and supremacy. No wonder it’s the most sought-after metal to decorate museums, halls of fame, and historical sites. They are ideal for:

  • Exterior plaques for standard signages
  • Commemorative plaques
  • Memorial plaques
  • Historical Landmarks

Cast Aluminum Plaques

Aluminum is a much softer metal known to be significantly lighter in weight than bronze. Despite that, it is still known to be impenetrable against various weather conditions, quickly making it a popular choice for memorial and dedication plaques. Its silver hue gives off a sleek and modern look ideal for buildings of glass and steel. They also add aesthetic value indoors, as they can be installed on any wall, stone, or platform.

Cast aluminum plaques are less expensive to create and make an excellent alternative to bronze for tight-budget projects. They are ideal for:

  • Dedication Plaques
  • Memorial Plaques
  • Building Ornaments
  • Company Logos


For many decades, East Point Foundry has been constructing high-quality castings for industrial clients all over the country. We are a non-ferrous foundry working with bronze, aluminum, and brass. Our entire process is in-house, enabling us to have competitively priced castings and efficient lead times that meet superior quality standards.

What Is Sand Casting?

We use the traditional sand casting method in our crafts. It involves pouring molten metal inside a preformed mold made of condensed sand, which becomes a finalized part when cooled. The sand cast is destroyed upon the retrieval method.

Sand Casting has been used for thousands of years and remains one of the most versatile and widely used methods for casting metal today. It has superb insulating qualities, is relatively cheap, and can be formed into any mold.

Advantages Of Sand Casting

  • It has a low set-up cost and is cost-effective to modify.
  • It is a reliable casting method for the most intricate parts required in internal cast cavities.
  • It is suitable for high-end designs that need the most flexibility.
  • There’s a shorter lead time to make the molds. Thus, making it ideal for fast production runs.

Other Casting Applications

  • Sand Casting Aluminum. Ideal for high-quality cookware and patio furniture, aluminum sand casting also has applications in a wide range of industries, including consumer goods manufacturing, aerospace and defense, agriculture, automotive, energy, marine, medical, mining, and more.
  • Sand Casting Brass. This technique involves forming a single-use mold from a sand aggregate and pouring molten brass into that mold. Ideal for household and construction applications due to natural corrosion resistance.
  • Sand Casting Bronze. This popular manufacturing process uses natural or synthetic sand and bronze or bronze alloys to produce high-quality items. The process involves a series of steps that require workmanship enhanced by years of experience..

East Point Foundry specializes in sand casting since it is the most sought-after method for antique restorations. One of our favorite parts of the process is the textural imprints left on the sand-casted parts, which enhance the aesthetics of a piece of ornament or furniture with fine finish or imperfections that allude to vintage qualities.


Whether replicating a historical antique piece or creating a new custom design, East Point Foundry has worked with museums, governments, and consumers all over the country. Our ornamental elements can be cast in bronze, aluminum, or brass, and no order is too small.

Missing Parts Recreation & Restoration

We are capable of recreating identical pieces or any missing part of old artifacts or antiques or any object of virtue, using the original as the pattern. To do this, we take an actual part of the authentic antique, create a sand mold, cast a duplicate, and thoroughly polish it to match the original.

East Point Foundry recreated missing parts of the central chandelier in the Waverly Plantation Mansion in West Point, Mississippi. This national historic landmark built in 1838 holds pieces of antiques, heirlooms, and relics, and we had the privilege to recreate and restore one of them.


3D Printed Replica As Pattern

We collaborate with 3D printing companies to make a printed replica as a pattern to create duplicates for ornaments or any crafts piece.

Using a 3D printed replica, East Point Foundry cast bronze scrolls for one of the presidential yachts that have been taken out of service for a long time, giving it a restored classic look.

Duplication & Production

We can produce duplicates or create any parts of furniture pieces, ornamental elements, or any custom design objects, and crafts.

East Point Foundry produced and created duplicate parts for barber chair business, door knockers, doorbell

In honor and recognition of our military forces, East Point Foundry is proud of the opportunity to produce these 18″ tall polished bronze stars for the Gold Star Families of our nation.


East Point Foundry creates handcraft-rich, high-quality cast bronze plaques and lettering for building signs, corporate facilities, residential properties, and private and non-profit organizations’ signages. We can transform the most basic signage and letterings into an image that speaks volumes about who you are and what you do. We offer durable lettering in cast metal, acrylic, and injection-molded plastic in various colors and fonts.

Our cast metal letterings are durable, striking, and permanent. You will find our letters adorning government buildings, parks, libraries, and schools around the country.

Cast Aluminum Lettering. This cast metal lettering offers light metal that can sit nicely on plywood, softwood, and concrete walls. It is best suited for business marketing as the hollow aluminum cast letters provide enough depth that is economical yet makes your representation stand out.

Cast Bronze Lettering. Using bronze as the primary casting material allows producing open back letters or numbers with a thin layer of metal, replicating the elegance and gravitas of massive bronze signs. Cast bronze letters and numbers are highly popular as address signages for homes and buildings.

This type of lettering is cost-effective, lightweight, easy to install, and weather resistant. These letters do not look like plastic at all, and you can still get an elegant look out of them without the timelessness of metal. Our injection-molded plastic lettering has a smooth finish, sharp edges, and an unblemished surface, giving the letters a look and feel of cast metal in a plastic product.
Acrylic sign letters or numbers are lightweight and durable and are made by cutting out from a flat solid sheet by a computer-driven laser. The laser-cut-out letters have a smooth polished edge. It is a popular choice among business owners because it is the more budget-friendly lettering option, easy to install, and can be laminated with a metal veneer to offer a richer look.


East Point Foundry’s bronze casting process brings busts and full statues to life. We can turn photographs into three-dimensional portraits or scenes with our reliable partnership with various talented artists. We build statues or custom bronze sculptures crafted in any size and shape and made to the most exact visual masterpiece you can expect.

We recognize the importance of honoring a legendary individual, pet, exceptional organization, or historical event. This thought drives our craftsmen at East Point Foundry to create tribute sculptures skillfully, making the finished product a most unforgettable one.

Customer Centric, Craftsmanship & Services Since 1948

At East Point Foundry, our team of talented craftsmen, artists, and sculptors has come together to capture your vision and create fine art castings to produce the most memorable craft pieces. Our well-renowned museum-quality work of art and casting quality make our reputation and credibility travel great distances, reaching many clients and partners worldwide.

Since we do our entire process in-house, we can give our customers competitive and affordable pricing and the quickest turnaround time. Our creative team works hand-in-hand with clients to help create concepts and ideas for any project and make them come to life.

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