Whether replicating a historical antique piece or creating a new custom design, East Point Foundry has worked with museums, governments, and consumers all over the country in restoring, recreating, duplicating, or producing pieces of valuable ornamental elements and objects of value. Our decorative works are cast in bronze, aluminum, or brass, and no order is too small for us to take.

East Point Foundry uses modern solutions to make perfect ornamental elements, even for the most complex design requirements. From sand casting to 3D printing patterns, we leverage the most effective way to deliver the needs of our clients for their ornamental elements projects.

Parts Recreation & Restoration

Do you have an antique item or decorative embellishment that has a missing part? Whether it’s a family heirloom existing for generations, a piece you got from an antique shop or a garage sale, or something you found from the attic or elsewhere, if you think the ornament is worth recreating or restoring, East Point Foundry can help!

We are capable of recreating identical pieces or any missing or broken part of old artifacts or antiques, pieces of furniture, or any ornaments, using the original piece as the pattern. To do this, we take an actual part of the authentic item, create a sand mold, cast a duplicate, and thoroughly polish it to match the original.

3D Printed Replica Patterns

If you have museum-quality items or any ornamental embellishments, conserving them as much as possible is advisable to retain their value. Some of our clients who are antiques and ornaments enthusiasts come to us to create replicas of their most valuable masterpieces. They conserve the original object of value while securing a duplicate they can show among friends and families. In this case, we collaborate with 3D printing companies to make a printed replica of the original as a pattern to create duplicates for ornaments or any crafts piece.

Construction & Production

Every ornament has a special meaning, especially to its owner. For instance, the star ornament we put as a Christmas tree-topper may mean a symbolic representation of hope and light to a family, and a decorative heart ornament can signify true love at home. One can put sentimental meaning to an object or have an idea in mind and translate it into a symbolic representation of a feeling, memory, or commemoration by an ornamental masterpiece.

East Point Foundry can help create custom-designed ornamentals in bronze, aluminum, or brass castings. We ensure to translate your ideas or even help conceptualize and construct beautiful and high-quality ornamental element works of art.

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Bronze Sign Lettering

Here are some of the unique ornamental projects we did for our clients:

  • East Point Foundry recreated missing parts of the central chandelier in the Waverly Plantation Mansion in West Point, Mississippi. This national historic landmark built in 1838 holds pieces of antiques, heirlooms, and relics, and we had the privilege to recreate and restore one of them.
  • Using a 3D printed replica, East Point Foundry cast bronze scrolls for one of the presidential yachts that have been taken out of service for a long time, giving it a restored classic look.
  • East Point Foundry produced and created duplicate parts for barber chair business, door knockers, doorbell plates, and more.
  • In honor and recognition of our military forces, East Point Foundry is proud of the opportunity to produce these 18″ tall polished bronze stars for the Gold Star Families of our nation.

Ornamentals are decorative items with intricate and impressive details added to an object, interior, or architectural structure, which make them more aesthetically pleasing and exciting. Most ornamentals have sentimental value and meaning to the owners. East Point Foundry recognizes the importance of these beautiful embellishments, and we ensure to work them out with precision and attention to detail.

Contact us today to discuss your ornamental project requirements with East Point Foundry. Whether you want replication, recreation, or custom design construction, you can count on us to do high-quality, competitively priced ornaments with a fast turnaround time and superior craftsmanship.

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