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Aluminum Plaques

Anniversaries, Achievements, Milestones, Excellence

Whether celebrating an anniversary, or marking exceptional achievement, Silver (Aluminum) plaques offer the rare combination of style and grace. Whether a custom colored plaque, or a traditional silver and black style, East Point Foundry ensures all plaques are hand-crafted to properly honor its recipients, both in life and postmortem. We honor those who seek and have achieved greatness, as the archetype of success in their respective fields.

Full Customization

Your Aluminum Plaque Will Be 100% Unique and Approved By You


Aluminum Plaque Achievement Award

Doctors, Lawyers, and CEOs: Recognizing Excellence


Government Aluminum Plaque

Local and National Public Icons, Landmarks & Symbols


Business Aluminum Plaque

Business Men and Women Committed to High Standards


Commemoration Aluminum Plaque

Memorial & Honor Traditions

Forged in Fire

Hand-made crafted by skilled Artisans

Award Winning Custom Design

Your Vision; Our execution

Your Aluminum Plaque will be hand-crafted by our in-house foundry team located in Atlanta, Georgia since 1948. East Point Foundry has been trusted by major private institutions such as Primus, and respected Dr.s, Lawyers, Business Professionals and local and national governments alike. No project is too big, too small, or too custom. We enjoy a challenge, but more importantly love the end result – your ideal perfect aluminum, custom plaque.

Stand The Test of Time

Since 1948 our Aluminum Plaques have marked Anniversaries, Milestones, Lifetime Achievements, Distinguished Local and National Monuments; our promise to you is quality hand-made craftsmanship. Our competitive pricing is inherit in our business model; start to finish most of our projects are created in-house, saving an enormous amount of money and time on logistics. Your order is always our priority, and we won’t make you wait, or deal with unnecessary middle-men.

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Give Appreciation For Those Who Inspire

Sports Aluminum Plaque Silver and Black

The clean style of Silver and Black (Aluminum) is timeless and classy; honoring, remembering and awarding those in life and postmortem.

Applications: Aluminum Plaque Examples

Whether a simple border, or classic color scheme, your Aluminum Plaque will be hand-crafted to your exact specifications or overall vision. Colors, shapes, and artwork will manifest to honor its recipients.


In Memoriam

Public Service

CEOs & Business Professionals

Appreciation For Greatness

Anniversary Aluminum Plaque 25 years

Annivesaries: 25 Years Aluminum Resources, Inc.

-Co-Founders, David & Carol Morris

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Award Ceremonies

Industry Leaders

Respected by Peers, Chosen by High Achievers, and Praised by Clients

Customer Service

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ East Point Foundry is a high quality company, with great customer service to get you started, and amazing quality to finish the project. You can count on them to live up to your expectations!

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Honor Dreamers and Doers

Aluminum Plaque

Recognize The Start of Something Great

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